Our Interview-Does Carolyn Spread Pussy?

FIS: Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you entered the modeling industry initially?

Carolyn: My boyfriend and I drove straight from Weehawken to Manhattan agencies in 2012 so I could network and look the part, in order to “get the part” so to speak. I received offers from agents, picked someone to sign with, and then came straight to L.A. to rent a place and get started. I shot my first scene the second week of March 2012 and I had pretty steady work.


FIS: Where were you born and raised? Tell us a little about yourself growing up.

Carolyn: I was born in Weehawken and spent half my life there, before moving to Dallas and had the rest of my upbringing there. I was a bit of a homebody and, as I have written about on Literaria I was just a nerdy kid, as in theatre dork, and guys seemed to avoid me and I wasn’t sexual until I was out of high school.


FIS: What’s your favorite part of doing nude modeling? Can you tell us the hottest scene you’ve ever shot?

Carolyn: My favorite part is playing with my nipples. I love stroking my nipples on camera its a thrill for me. Stroking my nipples gives me goose bumps. I’ve done so many shoots and most of them in the past year have just been as hot as it gets, hard to pick a favorite.


FIS: Time to get gritty and personal here, off camera did you ever fantasize about harder sex like fantasy rape fucking, or any other role playing.


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Carolyn: Fantasy rape fucking sounds exciting, I’ve never done it but I would love to do it on camera, simulated rape sounds good too


FIS: Would you put on bondage heels and play dom or sub?

Carolyn: I would like to whip a pair of petite blonde subs, that’s my current fantasy right now.


FIS: Would you ever use a robo hump machine?

Carolyn: Those robot things have the best vibrators! I could do myself on those things all day!


FIS: Have you ever sucked a lactating nipples on some big naturals? I like Latinas, chica nipples, hispanic milk.(laughs)

Carolyn: That sounds delicious like cream in coffee.


FIS: Do you like acting?

Carolyn: I love acting! Feature acting is way more cool although most studios aren’t aware of my training.


FIS: What movies would you like to be in?

Carolyn: I wish I could pick the movies I want to be in but in this business, you simply have to wait to get hired. The only things I turn down are the ones where they want spread pussy shots I’m really shy about that. (Sweet dreams about that one, dudes!)


FIS: What’s an average workweek like for you?

Carolyn: Well I feel fan feedback is important. I use social media, and I’m then either smoking weed, exercising, shooting/editing for my upcoming website or I am shooting for an adult company who’s paying me. Otherwise, I’m managing my auctions of lingerie and outfits I’ve worn in released scenes. I do spend a some time editing and updating my website, as well as all of the social media and web presences I maintain. I make a little time before bed to catch up on my fave TV shows or a movie. Mom is my favorite comedy right now, and I’m huge into Girls, Game of Thrones, and Orange is the New Black.


FIS: What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

Carolyn: LOL, watching TV and movies, and a lot of how I spend my spare time is writing. For my blog, for media outlets who hire me to write essays and articles, and on Literaria as I mentioned earlier.


FIS: What flix do you watch any mainstream movies and do you read any books? Do have a favorite genre?


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Carolyn: As far as movies, Interstellar was compelling. I love cerebral films like that! I’m ambivalent though; I can enjoy pretty much anything except gore just for the shock value. I really enjoy popcorn movies like The Fifth Element. Overall, I enjoy quirky comedies like Little Miss Sunshine most. Anything with Paul Rudd, particularly I Love You Man and Role Models. And Will Farrell comedies like Anchorman and Step Brothers.


Carolyn: For books, Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I loved Gone Girl. Murder/suspense/drama stuff like that is really interesting. I’m interested in world cultures and enriching books that illuminate the plights of others less fortunate. I am also an advocate in the fight against slut shaming and I am a funding partner and supporter of the anti slut shaming awareness effort.

FIS: Are there any future projects in the works that you would like to put out there? Anything you’d like to say to the readers and your fans?

Carolyn: I want to thank my Legion of supporters for being so loyal and dedicated. My fans are the reason I am able to earn a living doing what I love!