Our Interview- Star’s Pussy Is Hotter Than The Sun

Vader interviews Star.
I first learned about Star on Twitter. After looking at some of her pics I was thrilled to speak to her. Star is talented with a surprising background. She had lots of challenges as a kid but she’s learned to overcome hurdles! She is a modeling industry juggernaut and shines with potential.
FIS: Tell me about Star.

Star: I grew up in a small town in Jersey, about 5000 people. It only had two small schools and a bar an post office! (laughs) Every morning I had to sit in a bus for almost an hour. The atmosphere at school was getting worse and I was really weird too. (laughs) By the sixth grade the bullying was so bad I was pulled out of school for home schooling til we found another district. Eventually we found another district so I could continue school. My family growing up was really Christian. They’re still very religious. We lived right next door to an old pastors place. Everything we did was influenced by Christianity. My dad felt, “children should speak only when spoken to.” He would bash us over the head with a bible if necessary. I was the demon and my darling little sister was the angel. She married a pastor unsurprisingly. I always was a rebel. ‘That’s not right’, ‘Stop judging people!’. (laughs) I was a good little angel with my purity ring on my finger, I was a good clean cut kid who was kind of a closet whore. (laughs)

FIS: Did you make a lot of friends on that long bus ride?

Star: I became friends with 2 of the kids. They were a little older and in the same grade. One was a snotty mouth with a poor attitude. I would have been friends with anyone else if I could. She had such stinking attitude. The town forced us to be together. The other one was mean. (laughs) She would let her pet puppies bite me. They’re really mean people. (laughs)

FIS: What’s your age?

Star: I’m 21.

FIS: how long have you been modeling?

Star: Not long. just a few months.

FIS: What’s your measurements?

Star: I’m around a 34c, depending on what I ate that month.

FIS: Au Natural?

Star: Yes. I prayed real hard that I would get bigger tits than my sister. My praying paid off. I’m bigger than her. Whoo!

FIS: When did you notice your tits were growing?

Star: I bought a traing bra in the fifth grade. When I was in the sixth and seventh they started growing, now they’re a full C.

FIS: Now that your shape changed, the guys were friendlier?

Star: No the guys were worse They would bet who could date me first. Thier just mean who cares about people like that. (laughs)

FIS: So you found out before or after your first date?

Star: After the fact.

FIS: You lost your virginity at what age?

Star: I lost it at 16.

FIS: Were you a sex addict afterwards?

Star: I couldn’t stop, I was all over the place.

FIS: Were you with many guys?

Star: Guys and girls and somewhere in the 30’s.

FIS: Was your first girl a good experience.

Star: My first time with a girl was pecial. It was romantic with dinner and hotel. I consider this as my virgin relationship and not the first time with a guy! Although my first guy was just physical not as satisfying. I remember while in the middle of an orgasm wondering how something that feels so good be so wrong!

FIS: You felt something was going to happen? You couldn’t wait to get intimate that night?

Star: Yes. I met her in a facebook group for queer women. I was trying to figure out who I was. She thought I was friendly to gay people, who knows what I was doing. (laughs) We had long talks on the phone at night and all those cute things. (laughs)

FIS: You’ve spent some time webcamming, what’s the strangest situation?

Star: One of my frequent customers was a big chinese guy. He was about 6’4 and 240, he would tell me to yell racial names at him and I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t say racial words, even though it was private between just me and him. He was the strangest. It was traumatic at first but in time he made me feel more comfortable. (laughs)

FIS: Do you prefer younger men?

Star: No, I like guys with a little experience. Thirties and forties is my golden age.

FIS: What’s the most experienced guy you’ve been with with off-camera?

Star: When I was 18 the guy was thirty. I like’em with one foot in the grave. (laughs)

FIS: What turns you on sexually? What gets Star wet?

Star: Say ‘you’re proud of your good girl’. That gets me off. It just excites me, ‘You can be proud of your good girl and I’ll do anything you want me to do!’

FIS: Besides webcamming, how often do you touch your self?

Star: I masturbated about an hour ago probably 2 or 3 times a day.

FIS: Preferred method?

Star: I use the big Hitachi vibrator. Sometimes with a little baby oil gel. This helps me unwind like yoga….(laughs)

FIS: Would you put a butt plug in…when was your first back door in your personal life?

Star: I don’t do anal, I haven’t done it in my personal life. (laughs)

FIS: Hopefully you’ll with your asshole on camera?

Star: Not for a while, I’ll do it in the ass in personal life, but maybe later.

FIS: Do you adjust the butt plug for stimulation?

Star: I like butt play, I just don’t think my butt’s ready for a dick yet. It’ll let me know when she’s ready, ‘My ass needs to be romanced!’ I feel like my asshole needs to be romanticized, penetrated really slow but not hard. (laughs)

FIS: You said you watched porn when you were a minor, did you have any classic stars?

Star: I used to watch Peter North a lot but now I don’t watch him as much anymore because I’ll never meet him. (laughs)

FIS: When a guy pops, you like it to land where?

Star: Creampies. Pretty much anywhere but my face. I don’t know why but I have this sexy mental image of dead children on my face. It’s just so gross to me, but sexy.

FIS: Do you like creampies ?

Star: Yes, I’ve already done them in selfies.

FIS: Are you a size queen, well if possible?

Star: It doesn’t really matter. I have a really shallow vagina so putting in a 7 – 8 is my optimal range, so not really that big.

FIS: What do you look for in a guy off camera?

Star: Politeness, I like someone who is really humble. I don’t like people with mouthy and shitty egos. I don’t think I have too large of an ego, I’m really nice to everyone and I want someone who’s kind.

FIS: Do you have a fantasy fuck you want to play out?

Star: I want to do a big black cock gangbang. (laughs) Not yet though because that would be overboard! (laughs)

FIS: What are your hobbies and pastimes off camera?

Star: I am the most boring person in the world. I like to sit in bed, cook vegan and hangout with my cats…I am so boring. I’m just a homebody.

FIS: What kind of tunes do you rock to?

Star: I like to listen to singer-songwriter stuff like Ed Sherhan, he’s so adorable. I like country too because I grew up in Nebraska, Merl Haggard, Loretta Lynne and I can’t let go of that. I think country music is so warm and touching. (laughs)

FIS: Do you have any favorite movies?

Star: Lets see , Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, To Kill a Mockingbird.

FIS: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Star: I was really into The hills for a while as well as Jersey Shore.

FIS: What’s your favorite food to eat?

Star: It varies between Mcdonalds and Burgerking, I love Thai food!

FIS: And what’s your social media?

Star: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Vader: Thank you!