Our Interview with Sunny

Vader Interviews Sunny Peach.

Sunny has burst on the modeling scene in the last year. She is known for her perky tits, Sunny has a great personality and dances to the beat of a different drummer. We had a chance to talk a little at a photo shoot in Vegas. We finally got our schedules lined up and coordinated our day planners. Sunny gave some very compelling and thoughtful answers.


FIS: Tell me about Sunny:

Sunny Peach: I was a child of the Southeast US. I was born and bred in Georgia and did my freshman year of college at the College of Louisville in Kentucky and my senior year at a college in Florida because I fell madly in love and all that mushy stuff. (laughs) The guy was a failure but I loved the whole schooling experience. I studied Latin American studies and worked in agriculturally oriented venture capitalist firms. I worked with different start-ups that were focused on sustainable agriculture. Like pesticides, seeds, farm labor and that type of thing. I was a liason between Central American and US teams and I generally found being a thin and sexy girl made it really easy for people to talk to me. I had a lot more influence with professional men that may be closed off to others. I worked with the indigenous people and organizations. I seem to have a thing for bizarre careers. (laughs)

FIS: What’s your age?

Sunny: I’m 23. I was homeschooled growing up so I graduated from high school early and went to college. So when I was working in the agro business I got fed up with the structures of the companies I was working with and saw the writing on the wall, I walked away from that. In the time being, I eventually developed a pretty good presence in camming. Porn agents were making modeling and camming offers and I had a ton of student debt. And porn appealed to me.

FIS: How long have you worked in the industry?

Sunny: 10 months, I’m coming up on my freshman year.

FIS: You’ve got shapely tits, what size are they?

Sunny: That changes from month to month. When I started in the business, they were 32 B and now I’m around a 32 C. I got a lot of input about that when I got into the industry, ‘we really like your look but you probably need to be a little bit slimmer or heavier or implants.’ So initially I thought , ‘Fuck you guys! I do what I want!’ I started a new birth control and lost all this weight and then I thought, ‘Hope they don’t think I hope they don’t think that I listened to their advice!’.

FIS: There are a lot of sad stories of women told to change their look. I like the variety of women out there nowadays. Were You told to make changes?

Sunny: There’s more diversity out there every year. When you look at a lot of porn you’ll see a lot of diversities and backgrounds, you’ll see a lot more varied porn world which shows that the customers are more diverse. Adult industry customers are more savvy theres more info at everyones finger tips.

FIS: When did the guys start paying attention to your tits?

Sunny: I was an early bloomer I had C’s by the time I was 11 or 12. I was schooled at home so I wasn’t so exposed to gawking eyeballs, but fom early on I knew I had a great feminine shape. My profile did not look like the other girls. One good thing about porn, it helps me feel like I fit in. I feel so much better modeling and camming with people . They’re happy with my feminine curves. I judge people by what’s in their heart not what’s on the outside. I’ve dated many different sizes and shapes you would be surprised if you saw some of the people. My on cam persona is different from my off cam persona. I really value character and loyalty.

FIS: When was your first time?

Sunny: I was a really late to the party’ I lost my V at 19. My tits gained a lot of looks I was overwhelmed with attention from guys.It was so exhausting with all the attention. It was just one guy after another thinking he was gonna get in my pants. I felt I was’nt ready for that yet. So I waited for someone I could really care about. We started as highschool sweethearts and grew in to college lovers.

FIS: Is that the guy that you went down to Florida with?

Sunny: Yes, so even though it didn’t work out it was still very beautiful. I am very pleased with my first time. I’m glad I waited.

FIS: Since you were with him for a while and you were in love, I assume you weren’t with that many guys before the industry?

Sunny: I kind of went crazy after we broke up! It’s so funny because my husband is the last person I hooked up with before I got into the business. I remember we were laying in my hotel room and we were trying to count up all the partners we had been with…I’ve been with about 18 or 19. I was not an amateur. One of the good things about having sex older is that you’re not all hung up on those high school insecurities. Once the cat was out of the bag, I just tried everything; bondage, DP, women, orgies, threesome, I did a little bit of it all. BDSM too. I went to a dungeon a time or two. Simulated rape, fantasy rough fucked, I just wanted to sample everything.


FIS: Have you tried escorting?

Sunny: When I was in the agro business, after work I would Skype escort, the cash would help me with some of my business dealings whenever I was funding my startup and, for me, it’s too rigorous but it’s just comfortable at home to give a full GFE. Working all day and night like that is so exhausting.


FIS: Where did you get your stage name?

Sunny: I try to be very sweet when modeling and camming. I used to be called peaches when I was camming and modeling.


FIS: How did your first shoot go? With all your experience with sex did the people in the room seem to make you uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, squeemish nervous or horny?

Sunny: The staff really tried to make me comfortable. I kept telling myself that they’ve seen
naked women fucking and they were jaded and it was just routine.


FIS: What’s your favorite position?

Sunny: Oh Gosh! My moods determine how I like it. Lately, I like simulated rape, racial slurs, anal licking, spitting humiliation. I like to get hard fucked from behind a lot these days. Deepthroat at the moment, is probably my favorite. Normally I like my titties pinched when I’m on top. Recently I’ve been getting smacked a lot lately, I just need to feel some agressive energy, a little here and there. I’ve been working so much lately that fun sex is really therapeutic. It’s been really great fucking! Playing with dominance and submission when you’re really on that high energy level; when you’re truly in the zone it’s really a good stress reliever.


FIS: Do you play with yourself and masturbate?

Sunny: It’s so funny because I was just realizing how I’ve almost forgotten how to masturbate! Yesterday, I had some time off, I opened the blinds to let the sun in, filled my glass with chardonnay and masturbated for two hours! I need to escape, I needed to connect my mind with sexual fantasy. I don’t really have the opportunity to fantasize, It’s fun.

FIS: Tell me about your fantasies.

Sunny: Mostly SM, mostly torture and domination, I like when I get my ass slapped with a a sneaker, yeah, rougher sex, simulated rape.

FIS: What tool do you use masturbate?

Sunny: Hitachi and a lot of lube. I used to be ultra labia focused but I’ve been spreading my pussy so much in this business that now my ass is jealous because I’ve spent too much time taking care of my clit! (laughs)

FIS: Creepy question, when you use your fingers, do you taste a little pussy juice?

Sunny: Yeah. Usually, It turns me on but it’s also for business reasons. I’m an adult model, so you have to make sure you’re fresh down there! (laughs) You have to make sure you’re fresh and lovely for work!


FIS: What part of your body do you like the guy to shoot his load on?

Sunny: I love a good facial and creampies are really exciting. A good facial is very intimate and sensual . If I let the cum drip down my legs as i walk around, it’s hard to describe how good that feels.

FIS: Do you swallow your man’s pride?

Sunny: Oh, I love swallowing! There’s a technique when you let the cock squirt at the back of your throat. This way you don’t even taste it!

FIS: Are you in to large cocks? Or do you like to stay with smaller.

Sunny: No, I like the average Joe cocks, my pussy is very tight.

FIS: Do you like to play with your anus in pics and camming?

Sunny: Only once! It feels really good with a lot of lube.

FIS: Do you fantasize about DP’s and gangbangs. Is that in your future?

Sunny: Yes, I’m gonna save the most extreme stuff for my personal website. I like to be a submisssive little fuck bunny.(laughs) Sometimes, I will dom though probably for my own website.
There’s alot of models starting their own websites, they’ll do the most extreme stuff on their own site, simulated rape, fantasy rough fucked, that sort of thing.


FIS: Have you thought of doing a double anal or a double vag?

Sunny: That sounds interesting, I can fist my ass with little effort. My pussy is a different story, a tight pussy like this isn’t going to work with double vag. I would have to find two guys with tiny cock’s.”Hey would you guys like to double fuck my tiny pussy with your tiny cocks” (laughs)

FIS: What are your hobbies and interests off camera?

Sunny: I am a huge gamer so, I’m addicted to Candy Crush and Bubble Witch. I play those a lot! I have a poodle that’s my baby and I’m always playing with her. I love to bake, I used to work as a pastry chef while I was in college. I worked in catering. Baking has always been a bonding force in my family. When you care about somebody, you make them a big meal. So I love to be in the kitchen. That’s one of my favorite things to do in my off-times. Whenever I have time, I love to be in the gym. My partner’s a bodybuilder. I just work all the time so I don’t get as much time to go as I would want to.

FIS: What’s your favorite food?

Sunny: My favorite food to eat is fried chicken. I love Southern Soul Food. I love Thai and Sushi. I worked for a Korean family and a chinese family, cooking, so I got all their recipes. Of course, I love great Central American. I tend to study food wherever I go . I guess between sex and food, It’s an artistic journey for me. I have to eat great and fuck great. Not having those makes feel like like i’m missing something important.

FIS: What sort of tunes do you like?

Sunny: I listen to a little Beat Happening, Astrud Gilberto,Velvet Underground, Canned Heat, the list goes on. I listen to alternative, Black Sabbath, Public Enemy…I’m just a musical mutt, I’m always listening to something new.

FIS: Tell me about your cinema flicks.

Sunny: I love foreign films like Lawrence of Arabia. I love old Westerns like True Grit, this reminds me of bonding with my dad. High Plains Drifter is amazing. Fist Full Of Dollars. The Birds Gangs of New York by Scorsese. I’m scatterbrained as far as movies go. Strangely, the more porn you do the more you appreciate main stream film. The more that I work, the more I understand the craft of movie making.

FIS: What do you like on Television?

Sunny: At the moment, I’m watching King of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and I just finished The Good Wife.

FIS: So you were ready for a sexual adventure after you broke up with your college boyfriend.

Sunny: I was in Fresno on business back when I was working as a agriculture liason, the kind of work that requires clothing, My day wasn’t going wellI, dead end meeting, missed appointment. On the last day of the trip I found a little time to relax. I was curious about Tinder and I was down for anything. So I met a professional jazz dancer and he was going to take me out dancing. It’s no mystery that I was going to get my pussy dug out. We all went to the house for whatever reason. One thing led to another and enjoying two Hispanic cocks. And I wind up having my first DP experience with 2 complete strangers. I was acting so slutty but the passion was so strong and I couldn’t calm down. This time I was getting a really good fuck. But I don’t want to promote stranger fucking. Even though we were drunk we were using condoms. Stay safe people!

FIS: And how can the fans get a hold of you?

Sunny: admin@flowersinthespring.com